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Industrial Hemp

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Multi-State Cultivation's & Relationships


With our amazing relationships with farmers, various state(s) department of agriculture, veterans, & universities we will help to stabilize industrial hemp as a farming commodity. Talk to us today about joining our amazing network of farmers and veteran owned & operated companies.

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COMI Farms Consulting (CFC)


What's two of the biggest concerns when working with industrial hemp? Who do i contact and how do i move forward? Unlike other commodities, states and universities still have a long way to go. Contact our team today, let's see if we can work together. 

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Certified Seed w/ 92% Germination

Certified Industrial Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed, Hemp Seed Germination Reports

Please ensure you do your homework on who you are purchasing seed from. Like every other commodity in agriculture you need to ensure you are buying from a reputable source. Whether purchasing industrial hemp seed from us or someone else, please ensure you get; up-to-date certificate of analysis, germination report and certified seed.

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If you are looking for a rewarding career path, where you can be your own boss, you have found the right industry.

However, this is farming and requires dedication, long hours & hard work. If this is you, no matter the state or experience, we are always looking for quality individuals to fill the ranks within COMI Farms. 

COMI Farms is Veteran Owned and Operated.

On-Boarding Application

If you work in agriculture or are a farmer and interested in moving forward in Industrial Hemp, please fill out and return the attached "COMI Farms On-Boarding - Sharecropping Pre-Application". Once returned, one of our representatives will be in contact with you. 

This information will only be used for reviewing the nature of the request, and potential relationship.

COMI Farms Consulting (CFC)

Whether you want to discuss the possibilities of industrial hemp, need recommendations or request a fully involved and committed team for your agricultural needs, you have reached the right group.

We are 100% Veteran Owned & 95% Veteran Operated, we can assure you, we will not walk you into an ambush or jeopardize our names. 

Letter of Intent

Whether you are looking for our certified industrial hemp seed, or quality hemp biomass we can assist you. We can also help make introductions with trust sources in the industry.

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